Electric Pulse Rod

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$89.00 USD
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Color: Black
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Electric Pulse Rod

Electric Pulse Rod


Electric Pulse Rod

Color: Black
  • Experience intense pleasure with our Electric Pulse Rod, featuring an audible electric arc that adds an exhilarating punishment element.
  • This hardcore device incorporates high-frequency wave technology inspired by renowned beauty instruments, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • With its ergonomic and user-friendly design, this rod offers a comfortable grip and flexible operation for your convenience.
  • Our Electric Pulse Rod prioritizes safety while delivering exciting sensations, ensuring a pleasurable experience without causing harm.
  • It utilizes high-frequency pulse technology, rigorously tested and compliant with multiple national safety standards.
  • The 9MHz high-frequency (9 million pulses per second) penetration reaches deeper layers of the skin with minimal irritation, commonly used in high-end beauty and body therapy devices.
  • Adjustable in size, this rod adapts to your preferences, providing a range of thrilling sensations without compromising safety.
  • Experience the electrifying combination of tingling, tickling, and trembling sensations throughout your body, balancing fear and anticipation.
  • The electric arc light, emanating 5-10mm away from the device, creates a visually striking red light curve, adding a touch of romance to the experience.
  • With five adjustable intensity levels, you can customize the experience to suit different scenarios and desires.
  • Discreet and portable, this rod can be easily disassembled and carried, allowing for unrestricted enjoyment wherever you go.
  • Do not allow use by anyone under 18 years of age. This device contains electric that can discharge electricity and should only be operated by adults. Keep out of reach of children and teenagers for their safety. 
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