Beginner Impact Play Spanking Series

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$29.00 USD
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Set: Paddle
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Beginner Impact Play Spanking Series

Beginner Impact Play Spanking Series


Beginner Impact Play Spanking Series

Set: Paddle
  • Premium Leather Training Tools: This set includes a collection of high-quality leather implements for beginners in the realm of impact play.
  • Ruler Paddle: Experience high levels of pain and visible marks with each strike, accompanied by a resonating and powerful "smack" sound.
  • Square Paddle: Delivering intense sensations with a larger impact surface, this paddle provides a satisfying sting during play.
  • Cowhide Paddle: Made from layers of cowhide leather, this paddle offers a combination of durability and a firm impact for heightened sensations.
  • Round Paddle: Designed for intense pain, this paddle leaves noticeable bruises and marks, ensuring a memorable experience.
  • Unleash Your Desires: Dive into the world of impact play with this beginner set, featuring a variety of leather tools that deliver intense sensations and leave visible marks.
  • Perfect for BDSM Play: Whether you're exploring your desires or adding to your collection, this set provides a range of implements for thrilling impact play sessions.
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    Length 31cm/12.2inch
    Width 4cm/1.57inch
    Square Paddle:
    Length 32.7cm/12.87inch
    Width 7cm/2.76inch
    Round Paddle:
    Length 22.5cm/8.86inch
    Width 9cm/3.54inch
    Triple-Layer Paddle:
    Length 33.5cm/13.19inch
    Width 3.8cm/1.51inch
    Length 40cm/15.75inch
    Width 21.5cm/8.46inch

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